September Newsletter from the Board

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Hello, ArtsAltoona followers! Welcome to the back-to-school edition of our monthly newsletter! As always, we have a lot to share about our projects.

ArtsAltoona Updates

Our ArtsAltoona LIVE! YouTube shows have been going well. We are learning a lot about our community partners and resources. Please subscribe to our channel on YouTube and check out the lineup. Or find the videos on our page ArtsAltoona LIVE!

Speaking of the website, we are continuing to make improvements to it so it is more accessible and useful. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Have you liked our page on Facebook and invited all of your friends to do the same? Please help us spread the word about it, as we work hard to post as many events as possible dealing with the arts, culture, history, and heritage of the Blair County area.

We’re also excited to announce that we have a new part-time Business Manager! Kathy Bickel comes with many years of experience with bookkeeping and related skills from her tenure at the Logan Valley Mall. We are glad to have her on board with us.

Meanwhile, we are VERY sorry to announce that Kaleen Wolfe, who has been our Executive Director, is stepping down. We are understanding of her priorities of family and her special jewelry business, but we hate to lose her skills, energy, and wonderful personality.

In The Newsletter

Our newsletter includes an article, “The Time To Build A Stronger Altoona Is Now“, featuring Dr. Charles Prijatelj, Superintendent of the Altoona Area School District. He has great passion for the arts and clearly understands that there is a proven link between the involvement in the arts and scientific creativity.

The other article, “Student Find Therapy In The Arts; Recognition Through The Isaacs“, is about the remarkable impact that involvement in a musical theater production in high school has had on a young man. From dealing with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum to winning a significant award at Altoona Community Theatre’s Isaac Awards. Inspiring!

Enjoy the beautiful Central PA weather until next month!


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