The Importance of Sketching

By February 2, 2018 Uncategorized
Various sketches by Kendyl Ramsey

I tend to sketch on anything available. But I am sure to tape the sketches into my sketchbook. Sketchbook is The Daily Sketch Journal by Sterling.

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a sketch a day will keep an artist paid. “Sketch daily” every single one of my art teachers told me in college. I’ll admit that I am the worst at making sure I sketch daily. To remind all of us, including myself, I decided to write an article about the importance of sketching. I might also add that “traditional” artist are not the only artists who can benefit from sketching. The best graphics, web, and video designers will tell you that sketching daily is one of their secrets to success.

Why Sketch Daily?

Sketching daily will keep an artist’s skill up to date. Like the saying goes, “if you don’t use it you lose it.” If you are looking to generate an income from your art, it is absolutely critical to be the best in your field. Sketching can also help you find the best creative solution. For example, when I have to create a logo for a business or event, I don’t immediately open InDesign and begin creating. Rather, I begin by sketching out a number of different versions of the logo. Sketching helps me get the maximum amount of ideas out on paper. From my sketches, I can pick the best ones and rework those ideas until I have the best solution possible.

Getting Started

When I was doing some research for this article, I read in several places that one should sketch for one to two hours a day. That seemed like a lot take on when you are just beginning. I would suggest taking 10 to 15 minutes at first and gradually increase the time. Every night my husband and I watch TV for about an hour. I am the sort of person that can’t just watch TV. So instead of looking at my phone, I will sketch while we watch our programs.

Another problem could be deciding what to sketch. If you are just looking for general inspiration, the Internet has hundreds of drawing prompts. Pinterest yielded a wealth of sketching ideas that I put on a board for easy access. Check them out here at this link! If you are looking to fine-tune a certain skill, sketching is a great way to do that. Portraits are my favorite things to paint. So while I may not have time to set up my paints, I can sketch the anatomy of the face and specific facial features.

Keep your sketches in one place. By keeping your sketches together, you will have a record of the progress you have made! Stores from Wal-Mart to Barnes & Nobel sell sketchbooks if you choose to purchase one. I have seen sketchbooks that provide daily prompts and some that just have a space for each day of the year. Choose what you are comfortable with and get creative!

Share with me what you are sketching, how you use sketching in your creative process, or anything art related! Connecting with my readers is my favorite part of writing my blog!