The Best Online Resources for Artists

By February 9, 2018 Uncategorized

Today artists have a vast amount of resources that can inspire, educate, and encourage. I own about 100 art and art history books. I love my art books and plan on writing an article in the future about my favorite ones. While I love books, I will admit that normally I turn to my phone or computer for art inspiration. The Internet holds more information than all the books my husband will allow me to buy. In this article, I wanted to share some my favorite online resources for artists.


I love Pinterest! Not only can it tell you how to lose 10 pounds in a week, but it can also give you great ideas for your art projects. I have not been successful in the weight loss department, but art pins have definitely been helpful to me! I have two boards on Pinterest. One board for graphic design and one board for art. Through Pinterest, I have found some of the following blogs and websites.

Muddy Colors

Muddy Colors is a fantasy art community. This site is jam-packed with articles and videos by some of the best artists around.  Even if fantasy is not your style of choice, Muddy Colors is a wealth of knowledge for any artist.

Painting by James Gurney

Gurney Journey

In my opinion, James Gurney is one of the most brilliant illustrators alive today. James Gurney has a quirky sense of humor and a desire to educate that is sure to make him a favorite. Gurney publishes a new article every day on a variety of subjects. Some of the topics covered in the blog post are color theory, watercolor painting, sculpture, and sketching. You will also find links to James Gurney’s other social media platforms on his blog page.


A recent Instagram account I found was @goodmorningart. This account posts images or videos several times a day. Every post features a different artist with their unique style and medium. I love to see the variety of this account.

The Oatley Academy

Another new online resource is Oatley Academy. Their desire is to, “[help you] make a living from your imagination” and “whether you’re pursuing concept art, illustration, character design, storyboarding, comics, animation, children’s books, novel or screenwriting, we’ll help you find your voice, draw a crowd, and get paid to be creative.” Oatley Academy provides ways to learn more through podcasts and courses. Podcasts feature the best people in their respective creative fields. These podcasts are free though I believe paying members have access to exclusive materials. The courses hosted by Oatley Academy vary in topic, level of skill, and pricing. Be assured that you will get the most for your money as courses are taught only by the best.

Pascal Campion

Painting by Pascal Campion

I discovered artist Pascal Campion on Pinterest and have been a huge fan ever since. Pascal Campion is a digital artist who has worked for companies such as Disney, Dreamworks Animation, and Paramount Pictures. I and thousands of others follow him on Instagram and Facebook. He posts a sketch a day and they are amazing! I am always inspired by how he turns mundane everyday activities into gorgeous works of art. If you are looking for inspiration on how to deal with tricky lighting situations, I suggest you look at some of Pascal Campion’s work.

In this article, I have listed just six of the many sites I used in my creative process. I have another group of sites that I used as a graphic designer that I choose not to cover as I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone. What sites do you use to inspire and educate? Let me know in the comments below!