Artist to Artist: Abraham Onkst

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Hello readers! This is my second article in my new “Artist to Artist” series. For this article, I interviewed Abraham “Abe” Onkst. He is a 17-year-old painter and videographer from Hollidaysburg. I am still trying to find the perfect format for these articles so it may change until I find the perfect fit.

The Interview
Abe Onkst

Abe Onkst on the right

Wow, was what I thought when I first met Abe this past Saturday morning. I did not expect to meet a 17-year-old neatly dressed in light green pants, belt, and a white t-shirt on a Saturday morning. Abe was so gracious and immediately showed me around his parent’s basement that he uses as a studio and bedroom. After my little house tour we sat down and I asked him a few questions.

Art has been in Abe’s life since he was a little kid. At three, Abe’s dad, also a painter, would have Abe use a few colors to make pictures. It wasn’t until seventh grade that Abe started to take art seriously. He uses acrylic paints and works on large canvases. If he had to define his style he would call it abstract or expressionism. His favorite artist is Marc Chagall because of Chagall’s color schemes and flowing, romantic style.

Abe has a desire to create and express how he feels. Something as little as taking a walk and seeing some birds and wanting to express that experience can generate a painting. Abe says his paintings have a lot of messages that you may not get at first glance. Overall Abe wants his work to have a message of peace and positivity that brings people together.

Picture of artist studio

One corner of Abe’s studio

In addition to being a painter, Abe also makes videos. When I first found his YouTube channel I binge watched all of his videos and absolutely loved them. Abe uses his videos as a way of showing the viewer an even deeper insight into himself. He likes to show something he sees in nature or an experience in his videos more than in one of his paintings. Contrast is a major element of his videos as he believes it illustrates many life experiences.

Currently, Abe is showing his paintings at the Hollidaysburg Public Libray until the end of February. He is always painting and occasionally puts his art on merchandise which he sells in limited quantities. On May 11-13 he will be in an art show at the Living Gallery Outpost in New York City.

In the future, Abe definitely wants to study and learn more about art. He would also like to use his business and entrepreneurial interests to get his artwork, not just on gallery walls, but on objects and in clothing stores.

I highly suggest you follow Abe, on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. I will post links to his social media at the bottom of the article. It is so exciting to see an up and coming artist from our area! If you know of an artist I should interview for my blog let me know in the comments below.

Painting by Abe Onkst

Painting by Abe Onkst