Halloween Everywhere!

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Here is a listing of Altoona area live music happenings for the weekend and week of Friday, October 26 through Thursday, November 1.

Halloween season has arrived, and multiple Halloween-themed events dominate this week’s live music slate. “Official” Halloween party events are indicated in the listing below, but it is very likely that costumes and Halloween themes can be found at nearly all the events listed for this weekend.

Among the Halloween highlights is a special benefit for the Altoona Food Bank on Friday night. Hosted and organized by local nu-metal rockers Hate Grenade, the Trick or Feed Food Drive takes place at McGarvey’s, raising non-perishable food items and funds for the Altoona Food Bank. Hate Grenade, Pittsburgh’s Oceans to Ash and local metal music purveyors Fyre will provide the music starting at 9 p.m. Those donating non-perishable food items will be entered into a drawing for a $125 Sheetz gift card (drawing at midnight, must be present to win).

For outdoor shows, in the event of inclement weather, please call or use social media to check ahead to make sure the show is still taking place, especially if you are driving any distance to attend.

Check out and support the area live music! And if you celebrate heavily while doing so, please designate a sober driver or call a taxi to get you home.


“Trick or Feed” Food Drive at McGarvey’s, Altoona featuring Hate Grenade, Oceans to Ash and Fyre (starts 9 p.m., donation is non-perishable food item, proceeds benefit Altoona Food Bank)

The Chrome Hearts at Altoona Grand Hotel, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

100 Proof at Chewy’s Pizza, Altoona (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

The McCaulley Project at Unter Uns, Altoona (Halloween party, starts 8 p.m.)

Moore Brothers Band at Bavarian Aid Society, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

The Boomers at Newburg Firehall, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Felix & the Hurricanes at Bellwood UVHA, Bellwood (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Matt Pletcher at The Dog House, Bellwood (starts 9 p.m.)

Back in the Day at the Bullpen Lounge, Tyrone (starts 9 p.m.)

Lauren & Joe at Blue Knob Clubhouse, Blue Knob Ski Resort (starts 7 p.m.)

Songwriters Night at Hungry Duck Eatery, Roaring Spring (starts 8 p.m.)

Reboot at Huntingdon Elks, Huntingdon (starts 7 p.m.)

Rewynd at Patton American Legion, Patton (starts 9:30 p.m.)

Bodacious B at Patton Eagles, Patton (starts 10 p.m.)

Happy Hour at Olde Keg Bar & Grill, Portage (starts 9 p.m.)


Jean Claude Trans Am, The Whatleys and The Flannels at McGarvey’s, Altoona (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Shallow 9 at Four Dees Lounge, Altoona (starts 10:30 p.m.)

Lauren & Joe at Trianon Bar & Grill, Altoona (starts 10 p.m.)

Washington Slept Here at Newburg Firehall, Altoona (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

D.D. & the Pubcrawlers at Bavarian Aid Society, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Rue Moyer at U.S. Hotel, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

Eric Delozier at Shan Nicole’s Irish Pub, Hollidaysburg (starts 10 p.m.)

Charles McClanahan at Argonne Cafe, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

The Lawn Darts at Duncansville VFW, Duncansville (Halloween party, starts 8 p.m.)

Star 69 at Bedford Elks, Bedford (starts 9 p.m.)

Letters From Tomorrow at Bloody Run Social Club, Everett (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Urban Myth at Double LL Bar & Grill, Everett (Halloween party, starts 10 p.m.)

Bodacious B at Everett VFW, Everett (starts 9 p.m.)

Diamond Star Halo at Schellsburg VFW, Schellsburg (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Jack Squat at Huntingdon Elks, Huntingdon (starts 7 p.m.)

This Albatross at Saxton Sportsmen’s Association, Saxton (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Second Edition at Broad Top American Legion, Broad Top (starts 9 p.m.)

Phil McCaulley at Woody Lodge Winery, Ashville (starts 6:30 p.m.)

Atomic Blonde at Patton VFW, Patton (starts 10 p.m.)

Sunset Strip at Bakerton Athletic Club, Bakerton (Monster Mash Bash, starts 10:30 p.m.)

Restless at Ten at Sokols Club, Lilly (starts 9 p.m.)

Matt Pletcher Trio at Olde Keg Bar & Grill, Portage (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

Joe Caroff at Our Station House, Ebensburg (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)

53 South at Castle Pub, Ebensburg (starts 10 p.m.)

White Shadow at Ebensburg Moose, Ebensburg (starts 9 p.m.)

Zero Tolerance at Philipsburg American Legion, Philipsburg (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)


4th Sunday Uke Jam at Hollidaysburg Area Public Library, Hollidaysburg (starts 2 p.m., free admission, beginners welcome)


Lauren & Joe at Family Pizza, Altoona (starts 6 p.m.)

The Band OZ at U.S. Hotel, Hollidaysburg (starts 6 p.m.)

Felix & the Hurricanes at Black & Gold Tavern, Altoona (Halloween party, starts 9 p.m.)


Adam D and friends at D’Ottavio’s Gran Sasso, Hollidaysburg (starts 8 p.m.)

“Tuesday Night Therapy” at Bedford Tavern, Bedford (starts 6 p.m.)


Open Mic Night at Unter Uns, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Open Mic Night with Rick Ramsey at Patton Eagles, Patton (starts 8 p.m.)


Steve Summerhill at Jethro’s, Altoona (starts 7 p.m.)

Open Stage Night at Green Bean Coffee, Altoona (starts 6 p.m.)

Eric McCrum at McGarvey’s, Altoona (starts 8 p.m.)

Lauren & Joe at Holiday Bowl, Altoona (starts 8:30 p.m.)

(NOTE: More shows may be added to this list as information becomes available. Feel free to check back.)

To report additional shows or corrections to this listing, email information to jptheprofessor@gmail.com. Deadline to submit information for the initial posting is each Friday morning at 9 a.m.