November Letter from the Board

By November 14, 2018 Uncategorized

Greetings from sunny/smoke filled northern California! We are in the area East of the San Francisco Bay visiting our daughter and her family, helping to care for our granddaughter who had her tonsils out on Monday! Such tragic times in this area with the huge fire raging just about three hours away!

As always, lots of great things are happening with ArtsAltoona! We are very grateful for the help that we have received with cleaning a LOT of STUFF out from the Kress Building. Thanks to Tony Scaglione from Tony’s Estate Services and Antiques for doing an initial clean up. Then we had a lot of assistance from Evan Kephart and a group of Altoona Christian Outreach students from Penn State Altoona who worked to earn money to attend an annual Jubilee event in Pittsburgh. This was followed by much manpower by the men at the Pyramid Healthcare Halfway House. A huge thanks to them as well as to Dave Burgmeier who donated the dumpster service!

We are continuing to work with the team of Penn State Altoona Sheetz Fellows on expanding our Social Media presence and developing an editorial calendar for our use. Please Like and Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so they can show increased numbers as part of their project! Also, it will be very helpful if you can Like and Share/Retweet our posts from time to time!

We received wonderful news from the County Board of Assessment that the assessed value on the Kress Building has been reduced to a very realistic level.

Meanwhile the Leadership Team and members of the Building Committee have been meeting with architect Judy Coutts to narrow down the scope of the programming for the Studio Arts Center. Exciting times!

Of course, this will require a substantial amount of money to accomplish and we need your help! We have a great opportunity for you to give a very unique gift to your loved ones for the holidays and support the building project at the same time! Buy one or more bricks for in front of the building on what we are calling Imagination Way. Check out the details on our website!

This month’s ArtsAltoona interview with Doug Herendeen on WRTA radio was supposed to be George Sackandy and Michael Allison, but due to family circumstances beyond their control neither of them was available. So I had the opportunity to “introduce” Pam Snyder Etters, Executive Director of the Altoona Symphony Orchestra. She and Doug talked about the concert at the Cathedral, of course, but most of the time they talked about Pam’s passion for the creation of murals in a wide variety of different communities. The interview is available on Doug’s Facebook page as a podcast if you would like to listen.

Be sure to check out Tony DeGol’s articles on the Allegheny Chorale and Art in Common. I always learn something new from his stories and I can almost guarantee that you will too!

I hope that each of you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. I am very thankful for your support in so many ways for ArtsAltoona!

Until next time!