We’re so excited!

By April 26, 2020 April 30th, 2020 Around the Area, Fashion
ArtsAltoona T-Shirt

We are so excited that ArtsAltoona is included in the third round of Printing Local Love T-shirts from Lightning Bug Gift Company in Hollidaysburg! These local business owners were looking for a way to stay productive during their business closure for the COVID – 19 pandemic and came up with this great concept. It truly is a win/win. Each round includes T-shirts for about 10 local businesses and we are fortunate to be part of this great promotion!

Our shirts are a beautiful royal blue (according to Color Me Beautiful a color that makes everyone look good) and our original design by our board member, Pam Snyder-Etters (in an ink color as close as we could get to “our green”). We all agree that the placement of the letters – each somewhat askew in a different direction – is more pronounced in this monochromatic version than in the full color version – we hope that you like it as much as we do!

This is a limited time opportunity! Purchase one or more T-shirts with our ArtsAltoona logo during the pre-sale for $20. $10 of your purchase will go to support ArtsAltoona and $10 will go to Lightning Bug Gift Co. who will take care of printing and shipping. Helping two local businesses with one purchase is a definite win/win!

Order deadline is May 3rd and orders will ship by May 18th Click here to place your order https://lightningbuggiftco.com/collections/printing-local-love/products/arts-altoona-t-shirt-printing-local-love

Please place your order right away and you will soon be the proud owner of this limited edition shirt! Get one for everyone in your family! We are looking forward to seeing lots of these unique shirts all over town (once we no longer have to stay-at-home).

Thanks for your support!

Donna Gority
President, ArtsAltoona Board