Welcome to Doug Rhodes/Doug’s DAWGS/Doug Hugs/Doug Rhodes Music

Piano keyboard

This guy sure has a lot of identities! We are pleased at ArtsAltoona to be partnering with the many aspects of Doug Rhodes!

Many of you may know Doug from his Doug’s DAWGS . I first got to know Doug when I was Commissioner Gority and he came asking the Commissioners for permission to set up his cart in front of the Courthouse. He was established at that location for quite a while and built up a loyal following, myself included. He is a very generous man, who graciously donated $.05 for every hot dog sold there to the Blair County Children, Youth and Families Special Fund. This fund (to which people can make donations) is used to purchase things for kids in custody/foster care that can not be purchased with government funds and the families can’t afford. Things like summer camp, sports equipment/fees, prom related items, etc. – things most of us take for granted but are out of the question for many of these kids.

At one point Doug offered to put on a concert to raise money for the fund. That is when I got to know Doug Rhodes, accomplished concert pianist! It was a memorable experience, featuring beautiful music expertly played, that benefited many children and youth. f you want to check out his talent, he has posted some piano pieces on his Facebook page – Doug Rhodes Piano.

Now, Doug is getting ready to set up his Doug’s DAWGS food cart at our ArtsAltoona Center starting this Friday. His current plan is to be there Tuesday through Friday from 11am to 2pm. He will be operating for now for take out/drive through only and has posted the limited menu that he will be using for now on his Facebook page – Doug’s Dawgs. He will be set up at the end of the parking lot by 23rd Street, between Sixth and Seventh Avenues, so, if you are in Altoona at lunchtime, please stop by.

The newest Doug iteration is a blogger at DougHugs.com. ArtsAltoona is very pleased that Doug has now begun posting his blog on our website. Check out his unique sense of humor and philosophy. Welcome Doug, we hope you may find some new followers from the ArtsAltoona family.

A few weeks ago Doug was my “artist” guest on Doug Herendeen’s The Eleventh Hour on WRTA 98.5 (1240 AM for us old schoolers). We had a great conversation with Doug and Doug. The interview is available as a podcast on SoundCloud.

Please welcome and get to know our friend, the multitalented Doug Rhodes.

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Until next time!