ArtsAltoona’s First Art Market

We are so excited about our upcoming Art Market, on April 17th! We have been hard at work planning and gearing up for this event, the first of its kind for ArtsAltoona. The Art Market is free to attend and will take place in the Blank Canvas event space at the ArtsAltoona Center. Our goal with this event is to give local artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their unique, handmade products and offer a unique market for our community to enjoy. The artisan vendors will have tables set up to sell their art, and ArtsAltoona will be selling light refreshments. Come shop the market and help us celebrate art! The Art Market will be a reoccurring, seasonal event, so be sure to look out for the next one this summer!

Featured Vendors

We’re so excited to give this opportunity to some of our area’s great local artists! One of our vendors is Brian Ford of HBF Outdoors. Brian creates art pieces inspired by his passion for the outdoors. He does drawing and painting of landscapes and imagery from the places he loves to hike and camp around Central Pennsylvania and around the country! Check out Brian’s work on his Facebook page (HBF Outdoors Art) and his Instagram @hbfoutdoors_art.

Another artist who will be at our event is Chris Lovett of Hollow Wood Working. Chris creates unique, colorful wood and epoxy coasters, charcuterie boards, and the like. He describes his work as “One of a kind pieces and a bit of perfect imperfection.” Check out some of his beautiful unique pieces on his Facebook page (Hollow Wood Working) and his Instagram @hollow_wood_working.

Ceramics Classes

As a part of the Art Market we are also featuring two ceramics classes taught by local artist Dan Saville of Sniklefritz Studios. Dan will be leading a Leaf Dish class at 12 pm and a Pinch Pot Monster class at 2 pm. Both classes are suitable for both adults and children! They will be one hour each and the cost is $30.00, which covers one project. Parents, feel free to purchase one ticket if you’d like to work with your child on one project or two if you’d like to create your own too! Click here to purchase a ticket and for more details.

Artist Spotlight – Megan Devine

“I have always had a passion for art even when I was younger. During high school, I noticed that art just came naturally to me. Things like Science, Math, and English didn’t come as easy as taking a pencil and creating new and beautiful pieces of art.

Once I graduated high school, I had friends ask me to design tattoos. I started doing all these little flash pieces as a favor, but then the lightbulb turned on. I liked what I was working on, and I felt so privileged to have others ‘wear’ my art. I started thinking ‘maybe this is what I was made for.’ I got to draw all these cool designs, and people started giving me a few dollars for my work.

Art became almost therapeutic to me. I haven’t been able to always unpack the harder, and more complicated aspects of life. Art has changed that for me. It gives me a place to find self-worth and expression. Even in my darkest days, it gives me hope.

Last year, during the pandemic, I was isolated. I mean completely isolated. Just me and my cat on my couch. I am autoimmune compromised so that meant not spending time with friends, seeing family, or even going to the store. It was one of the most depressing seasons for me. Facetiming or Zoom calls doesn’t really feel the same as spending time with my community. This is where having an outlet for my emotions became so valuable to me. I would sit with my headphones on listening to some random music (anything but the top 100) and just draw.

I must have created over 100 pieces this last year. Some of them will never see a frame. They are too personal, and I am alright with that. I have done celebrity drawings, animal portraits, crazy cartoon characters, culturally relevant artwork, and so many other drawings that just don’t make sense. The point is I just draw. I draw because it makes me feel good, and if I can make someone feel good with my work, I am successful.

Recently, I have been working on capturing dreams. What I see while my eyes are closed needs an outlet. I wake up, grab my sketchbook and try to capture what was running through my mind. Some of it is scary, some silly, some happy. We all have that. Not every dream is a trip to Disneyland. I hope people can feel what I did the exact moment I created it.”

Come visit Megan’s Gallery Showing at the ArtsAltoona Center on April 17th from 1-5pm. Click here for more details.