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ArtsAltoona is committed to serving the community through multiple channels. The primary goal of the organization is to serve and inspire a more creative region. Through our community event calendar and social media, we showcase a variety of events across the area including live music, theatre, fundraisers, pop-up shops, fairs and vendor showcases, live art classes, speaker series, and more! The people of our community have a one-stop place to go to see “What’s going on?” Positioned in the heart of Altoona’s sixth ward at the ArtsAltoona Center, we feel that we are in the perfect spot to directly reach our neighbors by providing art classes, educational opportunities for youth and adults, and outreach events like festivals and concerts. We have partnered with other community groups and offer the use of our arts center. Our community newsletter offers weekly updates and insight into not only what ArtsAltoona is up to, but highlights other community groups and what they are doing. We have partnered with volunteer groups like Ward Helping Hands and Pyramid Healthcare to offer volunteer opportunities at our events.

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Community Blogs

Music, art, entertainment, and dance.  A great deal of arts-related activities take place each and every day, in our region.  No matter what your age or interest, there’s something in the Altoona area for you!  Take a moment to read about some of the concerts, arts festivals, theatrical events, and scholastic events, from the people who live and breathe them!

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Arts and Culture Resources

Central Pennsylvania is flourishing with arts and culture.  Many of these are right in our back yard.  Have a look at some of the businesses and organizations that support the arts.

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