Educational Programs

We offer a variety of educational programs for community children, adults, and families, and will offer even more as the ArtsAltoona Center grows.

From After School Arts Program (ASAP) for primarily junior high school students, to Presentations about Arts and/or Culture topics, to anybody who wants to hone (or acquire) some distinct comedic skills, ArtsAltoona is offering a wide range of educational programming.

There are also Learning Pod programs for students completing distance learning, and -depending on the time of year- summer camps, workshops, and more.

Through our After School Arts Program, we have been able to branch out into different locations in Blair County, including various schools, the Family Services Teen Center, Evergreen Manor, and most recently the ArtsAltoona Center! We hope to provide even more exciting educational opportunities in the arts and outside of the arts to the local community.


The After School Arts Program (ASAP) was launched in January 2018 as an initiative of ArtsAltoona. The goal of this program is to integrate the arts into after school programming throughout Blair County, creating an environment which will build confidence and strengthen talents of area youth through the arts.

With the help of many local artists and volunteers, we are committed to giving at-risk, disengaged, and underprivileged youth the opportunity to not only appreciate the arts, but engage in creating something beautiful both with their hands and in their hearts. (more)

Presentations at ArtsAltoona Center

Starting with the brand-new 2022, ArtsAltoona is offering a variety of very visual lectures and presentations, covering a variety of topics ranging from the Arts to Culture to History, always weaving in as much information about the subject matter as useful in order to help audience members to learn something new, while also being entertained.

Winter Escapes to Costa Rica” is a 2-part event (January 27th and February 24th), allowing attendees to revel in the lush greens and colorful animal world an exotic Central American country (while the thermometer around Central-PA still shows 10s or 20s).
These 2 presentations will be less History focused, but instead showcasing the beauty of Costa Rican landscapes, wildlife and also the vibrant colors of Latin American art.
Highlight of the 2nd Costa Rica presentation will be a live-feed to a Blair County group traveling there for a community mural project.

History of the Roaring 1920s” on February 3rd will be the kickoff event of our “Decades-History Series”, presenting many key events from the years 1920-1929, with the next lecture in February covering the momentous 1930s, which allowed the World to rebound from Great Depression, but -tragically- also drift towards World War 2.

Likewise “Foundations of Art History – Part I” on March 3rd will be a series, covering various epochs of human cultural and artistic development and highlights, from prehistoric times to the modern age. Learn about the many stages and underpinnings of Arts & Culture in our world, starting some 30,000 years ago.
This series will be in 5 parts, and focus on the Art history of the Western world (Europe, Mediterranean, Americas), while leaving Asian and African Art for a separate, future event series. (more)

Stay tuned for the next comedy class dates!

The goal of ArtsAltoona Stand Up Comedy class is for participants to experience personal growth and self-confidence by making an investment in themselves. We are much more than a classroom – we are an inclusive community that facilitates a safe space for people to make lasting connections.

This program is designed for those who want to learn the art of stand-up comedy, as humor and laughter opens one’s mindset to invite positive social exchanges. Participants will gain confident public speaking skills, creativity, writing skills, resilience, humility and camaraderie. (more)

Summer Camps

Stay tuned for Summer 2022 Camp plans!(more)