In 2020 we expanded the After School Arts Program to include summer camps. This was in part a response to the loss of school time and forced cancellation of some programs due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We found that summer time offered a different opportunity for students to complete larger-scale projects with more time spent in the day in a shorter overall time period. In the future, we will offer summer camps at the ArtsAltoona Center and at various locations in Altoona and the surrounding area. We’re excited about the opportunity we have at our ArtsAltoona Center location to offer a fun outlet for youth in our community in the summer months.

my corona camp

My Corona Mural Camps

In the summer of 2020, we held two camps called “My Corona” at the Family Services Teen Center and the ArtsAltoona Center. Participants created a two-part mural as a creative outlet for expressing their emotions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. The camps were led by local artists Pam Snyder-Etters and Deb Bunnell, who guided the vision, and with their help children designed and executed a 10×12 ft mural. The first half of the process involved first brainstorming thoughts and feelings about the pandemic with words and pictures and tracing their shadows to create silhouettes, then transferring the sketches and using words and color to express feelings. The second part involved sketching self portraits and choosing an outlet that helped them get through the tough times, then using images to portray that outlet surrounding their portrait. Each panel of the mural contained elements of the others, and the top half flowed into the bottom with “covid molecules” being pushed out by positive imagery. The process from start to finish resulted in a unique, colorful, and powerful mural to be displayed at the ArtsAltoona Center!